Social determinants of health

Referencing style : APA 6th (use latest and scholar references – minimum 15 references)

Curriculum mode : Project Proposal

  • BACKGROUND : Education is a social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia have very low level of education. Which leads to unemployment and poor health outcomes. To increase their education level we will give minister one project outline regarding below policy..


The Minister requests a{" "} project outline {" "} on a policy which mandates that{" "} all schools implement an Indigenous cultural program as part of their school curriculum. The program will include information about Indigenous culture and histories and be taught by Indigenous people. And make sure include how we are going to implement this program in school.

Policy :

  • Aboriginal education policy {" "} : The aim of the policy is to increase the knowledge and understanding of school staff regarding histories and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the better educational outcomes of their large studying population. Aboriginal education and training for all staff member is a mandatory component of this policy. Outcome of this policy results in increase of attendance and retention rate in schools owing to growing bond between staff and aboriginal parents (NSW Department of Education, 2018).
  • You can include this program in our project: The school drop out rate and absence rate can be decreased by various school and community level program like incentive to parents for continuous attendance in school for three weeks, gift voucher for complete four-week attendance.

FORMAT : (follow this format) (must include each headings)

  1. Introduction

– Background (the health issue in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) due to low

education level

– Why Education need to be prioritised as a social determinants (Give statistics and

Education level and health outcomes relation)

Goals/objectives – Alignment with Government and global health agenda

  1. Priority actions (your recommendations)

– Description of tasks to implement recommendation

– Responsibility or owner(s) of tasks

– Timeframes /milestones

– Metrics to monitor progress

– Evaluation criteria

( make sure our recommendations and Goals/objectives are Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound )

Marking Criteria: {" "} (must include all marking criteria while writing proposal)

- Clear, concise background - A clear and{" "} concise background that covers{" "} all important and

relevant information

- Rationale for implementation plan (prioritisation of social determinants) : Social

determinants are clearly identified AND their{" "} significance is well

articulated AND strongly argued

- Goals/objectives are : Objectives are{" "} specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely


- Demonstrates alignment with global goals and Government priorities : Demonstrates clear

and strategic alignment with global goals AND{" "} government priorities, AND

citing the appropriate sources

- Clear description of tasks for implementation : Description of tasks is clear, concise,

unequivocal, comprehensive, AND demonstrate strong and clear

alignment with the project goals

- Demonstrates understanding of requirements of project outline : The deliverables were well

organised and clearly written

- including timeline and designating responsibility :

- Verifiable indicators developed to evaluate progress : The indicators were well organised and

clearly written

Structure and writing (15%) : Assignment is consistently well constructed with clear and concise

paragraphs, AND conventional UK spelling, grammar and punctuation

with no errors, AND advanced use of vocabulary and expressions, AND

professional presentation

Referencing : Referencing consistently follows APA style, with no errors

Link : NSW Department of Education. (2018).{" "} Aboriginal Education Policy. Retrieved from:{" "}