SITXHRM004 Assessment Task 2

Assessment 2

Your task:

PART A – Planning the recruitment and selection process

Following a restructure of the Food and Beverage services provided by the Ocean Breeze Hotel, an audit has identified that there is a shortage of staff to deliver the quality of service expected from an operation at this level. As a result, in your position as the Human Resources Manager, you are required to recruit, select and induct staff for three additional new food and beverage positions, and a volunteer to support events and seminar. The recruitment needs to include consultation with relevant colleagues like the Food and Beverage Manager, the Head Chef, the Events manager and the Hotel Manager. You have already obtained approval for recruitment as per your organisational recruitment policies from the head office in relation to these positions.

The 4 positions are as follows:

  1. Chef de Partie Room Service Kitchen, 11.00pm – 7.30am night shift (full-time position)
  2. Room Service Attendant, breakfast shift (casual position 2 days per weekend)
  3. Restaurant Manager, breakfast shift (part-time position 20 hours per week)
  4. Volunteer, event and seminar support (Thursday and Friday 10 hours per week)

In order to get recruitment processes organised you are required to develop the following documentation and processes

  1. Establish the job descriptions for each position based on feedback from colleagues in each department, and develop a set of selection criteria for each position which must include expected levels of experience and the customer service attitude required to work at Ocean Breeze. To assist you in creating job descriptions you may use the following links as a reference for positions a-c :

and for position d:

  1. Design the advertisements to attract the appropriate candidates for each of the above jobs. Include selection criteria in the advertisements in order to narrow the field of applicants. Provide 3 options you could use to advertise these positions for maximum reach, and include a basic overview of approximate costs.
  2. Write a detailed account of how you will process applications as per your organisational policy; review applications against the criteria; and choose people to progress to an interview. Which types of background checks might you undertake in general and what would these require?
  3. Outline the procedures you will put in place to inform successful candidates and arrange for their attendance at interview, including accommodating potential special needs. Provide a sample letter you would send to unsuccessful applicants.
  4. Develop a set of interview questions for each position based on the selection criteria and desired customer service expectations. Explain how these must be administered to ensure fairness, and meet EEO requirements including the provisions for people with special needs.
  5. Outline the process of selecting and organising an interview panel. Include the instructions and basic documentation you will provide for each panel member so they can evaluate candidate responses to each question you have developed in Question 5 (do this for each position).
  6. You and the panel have interviewed all selected candidates and narrowed the selection to 2 candidates per position. Explain the process to make the final selection for each position. What needs to occur following the interviews if neither candidate meets the criteria desired for the job? Which legal aspects must be considered? What is the importance of merit in this process?
  7. You and the panel have agreed on the final candidate for each position and need to make an employment offer to each candidate. What would this involve and which aspects must be considered in terms of budget and awards? Design and attach a template for a letter of appointment, and use this to write one letter to any of the applicants with all details for remuneration based on the current awards, conditions etc.
  8. Provide an overview of the legal obligations for all documents required as part of recruitment processes. Which information needs to be filed?

PART B – Planning and organising a induction program

Develop the induction program for the 4 new employees detailed in Part A.  Please use all the relevant information as necessary from PART A (planning document) as necessary. The following documentations needs to be included:

  1. The Induction program needs to include provisions to introduce the employees to the business, their colleagues, their job. The induction needs to be structured logically, from general information covering information about the business, its practices and its culture to specific information about the employees’ different jobs.
  2. The orientation should be designed featuring a brief agenda which outlines the activities that will be undertaken, who will be conducting these activities, where these will happen and timeframes for each activity of the induction program. Additional information could include the provision for handouts relating to industrial relations, unions, contacts, etc.