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The Bourne shell, or sh, was the default Unix shell of Unix Version 7 and most Unix-like systems continue to have /bin/sh - which will be the Bourne shell, or a symbolic link or hard link to a compatible shell - even when more modern shells are used by most users. Developed by Stephen Bourne at AT&T Bell Laboratories, it was a replacement for the Thompson shell, whose executable file had the same name, sh. It was released in 1977 in the Version 7 Unix release distributed to colleges and universities. Although it is used as an interactive command interpreter, it was always intended as a scripting language and contains all the features that are commonly considered to produce structured programs.

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Features of sh programming language:

  • Scripts can be invoked by using their filename
  • interactively or non-interactively
  • execution of commands allow both synchronous and asynchronous
  • redirection and pipelines input and output are supported
  • a set of built-in commands are provided
  • Quotation facilities, flow control constructs, and functions are provided.
  • Type less variables
  • local and global variable scope are supported
  • Compilation before execution for script is not required
  • Code restructuring may be necessary
  • Command substitution uses back quotes: &apso;command&apso;.
  • Here documents using < to embed a block of input text within a script.

Bourne shell Program

for P in "$@"; do
for D in $PATH; do
for F in $D/$P; do
[ -x "$F" ] && echo $F
Bourne shell Assignment Help