Severe weather disasters and their repercussions

  1. In this unit, we learned about severe weather disasters and their repercussions. According to Murphy, explain how reducing the initial emergency response by one day can reduce the overall recovery by 1000 days?

If the initial responders get in save lives than other groups can get in there and the recovery process in sped up due to groups getting in there faster than before.

  1. Explain the two different types of UAVs and how they are used.

Unmanned Aerial vehicle

Hummingbird, to look at the damage from angles you can’t see from binoculars or satellite image.

Fixed Wing/Hawk, gathers information to get 3D reconstruction

  1. Explain why unmanned marine vehicles are so useful—provide specific examples or facts from the video.

Unmanned marine vehicles go under the water and can help open up fishing ports in 4 hours faster than divers which would take 2 weeks

  1. Murphy ends her talk by saying, “It’s not about the robots. It’s about the data.” What does she mean by this? How is this pertinent to severe weather disasters?

She means it’s not about the robots, it’s about the data they can collect within a timely manner. This relates to severe weather disasters because those robots can go in and collect data faster than us humans which can speed up recovery time.


  1. Jackson shares what he calls “his little depressing story” about coral reefs in Jamaica following a hurricane. He claims destruction such as that in Jamaica is only getting worse. Please elaborate on why it is getting worse, being sure to tie in natural weather catastrophes to your answer.

Hurricanes would come through and they would have a slow recovery after put other major things were also happening like overfishing, pollution, slowed down the recovery process

  1. Explain what red tides are and the impact they have.

It’s a toxic bloom that basically kills anything in its path, it can kill fish which can lead to an important part of ecosystems to fail, either they all die or start eating an abundance of the other food which leads to those to die faster and so on.

  1. Climate change has been a topic repeatedly mentioned in our study of Marine Science. How does Jackson express the impact that climate change has on corals? Based on how he uses it, what do you infer the word symbiosis to mean

At Algae gets heated up the connection between algae and Coral stop working because algae can’t produce enough sugar and than they can die. Symbiosis is probably like a connection or interaction between two things that are living, and help each other live.

  1. Jackson says, “The really scary things though are the physical, chemical, oceanographic things that are happening.” What does he mean by this?

The things that physically happening to our ocean like Hurricanes and Chemically he means like red tides. They all have a huge effect on our oceans and can easily wipe out a population which can be scary because one day we won’t have anything left in our oceans because it isn’t just one thing causing it, it’s many different things.