SCPOAC®- Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification

The world is getting more and more attracted towards the agile methodology of project management. This is the reasons that there are a big number of scrum certifications available for the professionals to choose from. The popularity of these certifications is increasing with each passing day. The reason for this growing popularity is the quality of these certifications. The scrum certifications are very beneficial for all the professionals who want to make a huge and successful career in project management and many other fields. Out of the many professional certifications that are meant to make the professionals understand the agile methodology and the scrum framework, the Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification is one of the best and is very popular among the professionals of today’s world.

Now, with what has already been mentioned in this article, one might suppose that the agile methodology and the scrum framework are very popular among the laymen… but the reality is a bit contrary. Despite the high quality and the popularity of these certifications, most of the people are not familiar with the term “scrum”. All that the people relate this term to its success in the career. The people are not aware of the concept around it. However, it is not some rocket science and can be understood easily.

The scrum framework or process was created by a man called Jeff Sutherland. It was created in the year 1993. Before this term was allotted to this framework by Jeff Sutherland, it was famous for something else. Jeff has taken the term SCRUM from an analogy that was published in the Harvard Business Review. It had come forward in some study in 1986. However, this is also not the first time when this term was used. The term “Scrum” is the name of a formation that is formed by the players of a Rugby team. Scrum is a formation that is used by the players of a rugby team to restart the play. There were two persons Takeuchi and Nonaka who has given the analogy that was published in the Harvard Business review. Because of the reference to this term to the formation of the rugby team, these two persons, when gave the analogy had compared the highly efficient and functional teams to the formation used by the rugby teams.

Scrum can be defined as a framework that the professionals of these times use to tackle the highly difficult and complex projects and tasks effectively. Although the scrum framework was initially formalized in the field of software development, this framework proves to be really useful in many other fields as well. Moreover, the best part of this framework is that it has been designed very simple and it can be very efficiently implemented in any project or task irrespective of the difficulty level. The framework helps the teams working on different projects improve all the parameters on which the success of a project management team depends such as communication among all the members of the team, the teamwork abilities and the speed with which they work. When all of these things are improved, it eventually results in the best possible results in managing the products and projects. With each passing day, the list of the companies or organizations using scrum is increasing today. This framework is one of the best agile methodologies that is functional and it has been designed to tackle all the complex and difficult projects. Today, the organizations look out for the professionals who are certified with a scrum certification. If the members of a team are well efficient in the scrum framework and the agile methodology, then it is almost a guarantee of success in the management of the project.

Coming back to the certification, the Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification is one of the best certifications that are available for the professionals out there. This certification is highly regarded throughout the world.

Who should do the Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification?

Project management has become a very big industry in the world today. The organizations remain under a constant pressure of managing their resources and the projects for the real-time ad spontaneous changes in the market… and therefore. They look out for the best possible project managers that are available. Thus, if you have a great certification as this in your CV, you fall under the category of the project managers that the organizations look out for. Certifications like this one are the only chance for the professionals to enjoy the kind of demand that they wish to enjoy. In the simplest of words, this certification is made up for all those professionals who want to be the best at managing projects and also have great employment prospects.

How is this certification useful?

Just like all the other scrum certifications, this one also is way too beneficial for the professionals. There are hundreds of benefits that the professionals enjoy once they have completed this certification. Many of them have already been mentioned above and there are many others left too. Some of these benefits are:

1. Great employment prospects

One of the most important benefits that a professional enjoy after completing this certification is the improvement in the employment prospects. The employment prospects of the professionals who do this certification improve by a huge extent. The certification is very popular and the organizations understand the importance and value of the certification and also the professional who has done it. The best part about this is that it doesn’t just teaches the professionals every basic concept about agile methodology and make you great at managing difficult projects, but it also serves as a proof of all this for all the employees. This certification is widely regarded as one of the best in its field. So when you add this certification added to your CV, you become one of the bests in the industry at what you do. And it goes without saying that the organizations throughout the world look out for the best for even the most basic of jobs. So, this certification improves the employment prospects of all the professionals who do it.

2. Applicability across the industries

As already mentioned, project management has become a huge industry. More than an industry, it has become a huge market in the recent years. Project managers are needed in almost every industry today. Almost every organization of these times requires project managers irrespective of the industry. Therefore, when a professional does this certification, he does not just improve his employment prospects, but he earns a great applicability across many industries. After completing this certification, the professional no longer has to look out for just one industry. There are a number of options available for him to choose from. Also, since he has this coveted certification in his CV, he is the one that gets to choose and not the organization. Thus, the professional also enjoys the privilege of choosing the organization and the industry that he wants to work in. in other words, the professionals who are certified with Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification, he gets the right and privilege of choosing from a huge variety and number of jobs.

3. Better earnings

This is another of the many benefits that this certification provides the professionals. The Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification is a really valuable one. The organizations value the professionals a lot who are certified with this certification and thus, the organizations also pay these professionals more than those who are not certified. This certification does not just help the professionals survive in this deadly competitive world but also help them in earning more than their peers. Moreover, this is one of the first things that the professionals expect from their profession. When someone gets paid more than all his peers, he feels valuable. So, feeling valuable can be added to the list of the benefits that the professionals get to enjoy after completing this certification.

4. Great demand

In this highly competitive world, one has to strive and work really hard to get a job. Because of the stiff competition, one can never feel safe about his job. This certification helps the professionals in getting rid of this fear as well. Enjoying a huge demand is one of the most important benefits that the professionals enjoy after completing this certification. In today’s times, there are very few professionals who can feel demanded and wanted for. If you are not certified, you remain a part of the masses. There are millions like you… but if you are certified, and that too, with one like this, you are a part of the most wanted professionals in an industry. You feel valued and wanted for. Moreover, being preferred over others is something that every human wants. This certification allows the professionals to enjoy this very beautiful feeling.

How to prepare for this exam?

Whenever someone even thinks about taking up a certification, the first thought that comes to mind is the exam. People tremble at even the mentioning of the word “exam”. Preparing for an exam can be really difficult at times. It can be one of the most daunting tasks for the smartest of persons. For the professionals who are thinking of taking this certification, it is really important to prepare in the appropriate manner, with the right way and the right methods. However, there is no definition of “right methods and right way”. There is no ideal way to prepare for an exam. There is no one method that can be termed as the ideal way to prepare for an exam. Every student or candidate prepares in his own way, according to his own set of skills and according to his own calibre. However, there are some things that every exam requires the candidates to do particularly to succeed. For instance, to succeed in this certification, the candidates need to understand all the concepts as well as he can. All the scrum certifications teach the candidates all that there is to know about the scrum framework. Therefore, the candidates should try and understand all these concepts as well as he can. They should try to understand all the utilities of scrum framework and how this framework can be applied to real-life problems of project management.

Also, there are some general things that the candidates can do to succeed to score well in this exam. They are:

1. Take mock tests

This is something that can help the candidates in not just this examination, but any examination of any sort. Before the candidates take up the real exam, he should take up as many mock tests as he can. Taking mock tests is the best way that a candidate can prepare for an exam. These mock tests help the professionals in becoming aware of all that there is to know about the exam. They help the candidates to know the rules and regulations of the exam. Moreover, it is very important for the candidates to be mentally prepared for the exam. They should be absolutely ready to handle the pressure of the exam. These mock tests help the candidates in getting ready for the same thing. More is the number of mock tests taken, more is the candidate prepared to handle the mental pressure of the real exam.

Also, these mock tests make the candidates realise where they actually stand in terms of their preparation. It gives them the reality check that they need very much. It allows them to take the measure of their preparation and then start preparing according to the same.

2. Be focused and do not lose your head during the exam.

No matter how prepared you are, if you do not keep your calm during the real exam… all that goes waste. One should remember that needs to be absolutely calm when it matters the most. No matter how huge the number of mock tests that you have taken and how many hours you have put in preparation, it all goes waste if you panic in the exam hall.

What is the exam format?

The exam format for the Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification is quite simple. The test is conducted online. In one session, there are 50 questions and you have 60 minutes to answer all of them. You need to answer correctly at least 60% of the questions to pass the exam. You can take the exam anywhere and anytime you want.

What are the requirements?

There is no formal set of requirements for the professionals to take this exam. However, it is recommended to attend one of the training programs provided by a SCRUM study approved authorized training partner.