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Overview: A good script can be said to be the key to a good artwork because if the basic structure isn't good enough, how can we expect the building to be stable. It can be visualized as a framework for a sketch artist with the help of which one makes a perfect alignment to any sketch or a prime subject for a photographer in a photo shoot. It is basically also known as screenwriting because ultimately the script would be on a screen at some point of time and is usually taken into use for delivering messages to mass media because nobody likes a small audience for something they worked so hard on.

Generally, students in various universities pursuing the Assignment of mass media or mass communication need to write various scripts as a part of their daily projects and assignments to make them used to the task of addressing to a crowd with a huge audience. Although these days there are a variety of software like Celtx, Trilby, Movie outline and many, many more that are being taken into use to write the scripts on a very large scale and at a very fast rate as compared to human for various plays and many students make the best use of them but some of the students still prefer to use the conventional methods because of the fact that the impact and uniqueness of a script written by a person will always be superior to the one written by a software.

Format: There has been a certain format set to the script writing which makes an approximation that mostly a page of written script would amount to almost a minute of runtime in the actual play, This is mostly defined by the font size that is being used in the script writing and the spacing between the digits of the script. The American style of screenplays are printed on a single side page with three holes and the pages are held together with the help of brass braids. The unique thing about these three holes is that the middle one is kept empty for some unknown reasons. In the United Kingdom, a single hole on an A4 paper is widely preferred making it a bit taller than the one used in the format of the United States. Nowadays to prevent much wastage of paper, a new trend has been seen to keep the font of the scripts much smaller since that would lead to a lower consumption of paper and help if not much but a little in the betterment of the environment.

Talking about the different kind of scripts that are there, ranging from a comic book script to a script of a commercial for a product

Script Writing Assignment Help

The basic outline of a script: The script has some components that are important for a script to be complete. Some of the following are described below:

The start of a script should always be with an outline of what is inside the script, be it a short introduction to the plot or the way that the story of the script is going to be shaped should be included in this outline of the script.

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It is always advised to write the script of any story by breaking it into three parts, that are the beginning the middle and the end, this way the crew who has to enact the same is able to get a better understanding of the storyline and helps them enhance the character they are portraying.

One should not start with writing the dialogues, it is always advised to start writing the scenes first and then go with the dialogues. This way a firm grip could be taken on the dialogues when the person knows the situation the dialogue has to be written. This not only helps to make the enactment better but also bring a life to the dialogue and enhances the storyline.

After the completion of the storyline and the scenes for the script is the right time for the dialogues and the best way to edit the dialogues is to cut away the dead weight and hence making each and every dialogue light but with a heavy impact at the same time. This not only will make the audience beg for more but also will make them stay until the end. When the whole script is ready, the best way to make that there are no errors present is to revise the script, again and again, this ensures that the script is error-free and also interesting to read. Once the revision is also done, make a few friends read the same and listen to them carefully, the mistakes that couldn’t be found while reading might be caught while listening to the same. This will ensure that the script is written is the best version of itself.

Tips to write the best scripts of all time:

Watch a good script being played: This is one of the best ways to ensure that you end up writing one of the best scripts of your life because when we watch extraordinary in that field, we get to understand the likes of the people and hence it results in writing a better script for self. The fact that a good script is mostly good is because the plot for the same is kept simple and since most people understand it, they are able to enjoy it.

The thing that matters is the start of the script because if the start itself isn't good enough, the audience won't stay until the end. Thus, having a good start is a must for any script be it for an advertisement or a cinematic play. If you don't want to reveal the good part, in the end, something knows as flashback or flash forward could be used in the script that might help in making the audience stay.

A script should have an endpoint, a conclusion, something that the viewer seeks for so that all the time that they spent in watching the script has not gone to waste. The script should not be pointless.

In the art of script writing, originality is what makes something truly stand out from the crowd. It is very important to make sure that the script written by you is in no case plagiarised or stolen from someone else's work.