Science Quiz 9 Unit 4

Question 1

Biotic means ________ and abiotic means _____________.

a) they mean the same thing

b) living; non-living

c) living; living

d) non-living; living

Question 2

__________ is a measurement of how many gallons of water per day a spring releases.

a) water shed

b) spring shed

c) salinity

d) magnitude

Question 3

Mullet are a fish that eat both epiphyton and insects. They are categorized as:

a) omnivores

b) herbivores

c) decomposers

d) autotrophs

Question 4

In lakes, nutrient rich water near the shore is part of the

a) littoral zone

b) benthic zone

c) profundal zone

d) limnetic zone

Question 5

Lakes that have few minerals, are low in nutrients and have limited organisms are referred to as

a) oligotrophic

b) eutrophic

c) mesotrophic

d) autotrophic

Question 6

Fish adapted to cool, dark water are most likely found in the __________ zone of lakes.






Question 7


a) Is a natural process

b) can be accelerated by mans wastes

c)adds too many nutrients for some plants and animals

d) all of the above

Question 8

A rivers water temperature may be determined by:

a) depth of river

b) tree cover

c) speed of flow

d) all of the above

Question 9

Pollutants entering the river may have a direct effect downstream on:

a) speed of flow

b) water temperature

c) substratum

d) dissolved oxygen content

Question 10

Substratum refers to the rivers:

a) water temperature

b)water flow

c)water color

d) bottom composition

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