Science Quiz 7

Question 1

Of the available freshwater, the majority is located in:


Question 2

The majority of global freshwater is found in


Question 3

With increased demands for freshwater from agriculture and population increases, a major threat the coastal aquifers face is

saltwater intrusion

Question 4

Which of the following is the greatest source of groundwater pollution?

pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers

Question 5

South Florida region of Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach draw most of their freshwater from the

Biscayne aquifer

Question 6

The porous sedimentary rock of the Floridan and Biscayne aquifers is limestone


Question 7

Many freshwater wells in coastal areas now yield salty water. The main cause of this is problem is

excessive removal of fresh water is permitting salt water to move backwards into aquifers.

Question 8

Any water drawn from below the water table comes from:


Question 9

A hole dug into the zone of saturation is called a ______.


Question 10

Most of the water withdrawn from aquifers in the U.S and worldwide is used for