Science Quiz 10 Unit 3

Question 1

The predominant vegetation of fresh water marshes are:

a) algae

b) grasses

c) cypress trees

d) phytoplankton

Question 2

Predator populations are directly influenced by the number of prey that are available for eating.



Question 3

Marsh plants {"clean"} water by absorbing the nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen for their growth.



Question 4

Where are freshwater marshes located?

a) surrounding lakes

b) vast basins of low, flat land

c) adjacent to swamps

d) all of the above

Question 5

An organisms way of life is called its ___________.

a) habitat

b) niche

c) species

d) competition

Question 6

Choose all of the benefits of freshwater marshes.

a) housing development

b) wildlife habitat

c) flood control

d) water purification

e) water storage

f) agriculture

g) Swamps

Question 7

We refer to the extension of the roots of a cypress tree growing vertically as

a) upright roots

b) knees

c) extension roots

d) prop roots

Question 8

Which of the following are tree dominated ecosystems?

a) freshwater marshes

b) swamps

c) prairies

d) salt marshes

Question 9

Identify the choice below that is NOT an environmental value of wetlands.

a) reduced flooding

b) increased biodiversity

c) protection as buffers against damage by storms and tidal surge.

d) more agricultural land and real estate when drained

e) water purification

Question 10

Air plants that are located in cypress swamps are referred to as:

a) red maple

b) epiphytes

c) cypress

d) grasses