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Schematic Questions

Question No. 1:

Look at the schematic figure below:

Schematic Questions img1

Here, a is the volume of the small stone and A is the surface area of the base of the wooden block

Balancing the buoyant force we get:

Schematic Questions img2

In this case we can write the equation as:

Schematic Questions img3

Thus, the submerged percentage of the wooden block is less than 50% in this case.

Question No. 2:

When the spring is not stretched, then the distance between the lower end of the spring and the floor is equal to the length of the bar.

Schematic Questions img4

Now, we will find the force applied by the bar at the lower end of the spring. That force will be equal and opposite to the “restoring force” of the spring on the bar. The free-body diagram of the bar is given below.

Schematic Questions img5

In state of equilibrium, the sum of torques about point O will be zero. Plus we are ignoring the friction of floor and the wall.

Schematic Questions img6 Schematic Questions img7

Question No. 3:

In this case first we will find the resultant of Fm and w.

X components are:

Schematic Questions img8

Question No. 4:

Height of tank is 50m & the height of the small hole is 2m.

Schematic Questions img9

Question No. 5:

The force applied by the wind is given as following formula:

Schematic Questions img10

Question No. 6:

Schematic Questions img11

Question No. 7:

Schematic Questions img12

Question No. 8:

Schematic Questions img13
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