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SAASU is the online innovation in cloud accounting industry. SAASU also called “software as a service” displays an excellent way by which business owners can communicate with financial data.{" "} Marc Lechmann (finance director at Deutsche Bank) and Grant Young {" "} worked jointly and hence discovered this software that simplifies the process in business. This company was awarded with{" "} CeBIT Business advantage award on 2007 and 2008 . Also SAASU was declared as the{" "} best bookkeeping solution by ICB. This online software offers number of advantages you require to run the business thus adding fun to your work. Some of the noteworthy features of SAASU are briefly described below:

1. Basics of Accounting: The basic process of accounting that has{" "} dashboard, general ledger, Jump global search, online invoice payment, auto updates, mobile access, importing tools, import mapping and export tools {" "} are fitted in this software. Dashboard in SAASU allows users to check bank balance, upcoming payments and sales; whereas Jump global search permits users to search anything related to their work. Likewise SAASU can be used in laptop, mobile phone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. With SAASU it is easy to upload the updated spreadsheet and accounting files. Also the information can be modified whenever required. These and more such benefits are available with SAASU.

2. Creation of professional invoicing: With SAASU it is easy to generate personalize invoice and track money possess by the customers. Also scheduling and sending statement to the customers is easy with SAASU this online software. Creating sales opportunity, purchase from sales, mailing list of unpaid invoices, issuing order of sales, refunds, credits, etc. are all possible by use of SAASU.

3. Adding expenses: SAASU also allows you to add expenses incurring in business; like employees expenses, purchase expenses, etc by attaching the specific receipts and invoices. It is also easier to track the money you owe or you need to give to the suppliers.

4. Facility of bank feed: The excellent way for bank feeds that keep all records up to date is a convincing reason for using SAASU. Whether it’s a bank transaction, PayPal transaction or regular transaction; everything appears updated before you get up in the morning. Therefore{" "} bank reconciliation, daily bank feed, PayPal feed, Auto transaction {" "} etc are all possible in this software. Hence, you can easily check transactions or records and match them with your own record.

5. Cash flow Forecaster: It means the ability to see the future. With SAASU you can sit back and relax. Just set when the fund will appear or leave and SAASU will do the calculation. This is done by Forecaster through actual transaction data without the requirement of spreadsheet. This and other facilities are provided in SAASU.

6. Inventory: Tracking and updating inventory is easy with SAASU. Organisation of products and services, creating kit or bundle of items, auto update of items, ecommerce add-ons, alert when the item is out of stock, keeping tabs on expiry dates, and much more.

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These and many other benefits can be grabbed by the use of this online accounting software. Undoubtedly SAASU is the first choice of small business and the use of this software is mostly seen in Australian market. The features, qualities and benefits of this software are such that it completely suits the Australian business but unfortunately due to various shortcomings this software still needs to be modified for application in the US market. Nevertheless, these failing are looked upon and improved every year to make SAASU one of the preferable online accounting software of every company. Beside this SAASU has excellent customer support to answer your queries and guide you through the entire process. Also the price is easily manageable and is classified into four parts:{" "} small, medium, large and extra-large; hence can be chosen depending on one’s requirement and necessity.{" "} Small package cost AUD $15 per month that includes 1000 transactions per year and 3 bank feeds whereas medium cost AUD $40 per month that allows 20,000 transactions per year, 5 bank feeds,{" "} Inventory management , 20 staff{" "} payroll management . Likewise large package include AUD $70, 40,000 transactions per year, 10 bank feeds, inventory management, 40 staff payroll and consolidated P/L report and finally extra large package include AUD $180 per month, 10,000 transactions per year, 20 staff payroll and 20 bank feeds. {" "} Along with all these; SAASU is safeguarded with SSL encryption that allows physical and electronic safeguards.

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