Retirement Demilitarization and Disposal Exam

Retirement, Demilitarization and Disposal Exam

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  • Which of the following is considered by the PM when examining methods for disposal of the system? [Identify DoD/Service Policies that influence actions required at the end of a weapon system's useful life.]

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Demilitarization requirements

Possible disposition methods

Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH)

  • A (n)__________________ process is a systematic approach to identify, analyze, and compare costs and benefits of alternative Assignments of action that achieve a given set of objectives.

[Describe the Investment Analysis Process used in weapon system retirement, demilitarization and disposal decisions.]

Economic or investment analysis

Operational Assessment

Preliminary Design Review

Physical Configuration Audit

  • In accordance with 10 USC § 2437, once a decision has been made that a system will replace another and it is required, the Service Secretary sponsoring the new MDAP (or the Commander of the United States Special Operations Command) shall prepare a RSSP for the existing system. [Describe the purpose of the Replaced System Sustainment Plan]



  • The DLA Disposition Services Environmental Management System (EMS) is designed to ensure that all personnel, including contract personnel, whose work activities can cause real or potentially significant environmental impact, are aware of how their work supports the EMS and are competent to perform their roles and responsibilities. [Describe the Impact of Environmental Considerations on planning for and executing the actions required at the end of a weapon system's useful life]


5) Which of the following is not a consideration when planning for DEMIL and disposal? [Describe the purpose of System Retirement Planning and Execution] [Remediation Accessed :Y]

Reducing technology risk.

Minimizing DEMIL and disposal costs.

Protecting the environment and personnel by minimizing ESOH impacts resulting from DEMIL

Thoroughly addressing disassembly to the lowest level required to gain access to the item, component, or material requiring removal for DEMIL and disposal.