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In computer network, reference model is divided in two Layers OSI Layer and TCP/IP Layer.

  • Seven Layer which is also called OSI model, in present maintain by International organization of standards.
  • TCP/IP layer which have four layers.

OSI Layer

  1. Physical layer: In which physical parameters like electrical and mechanical parameters of transmission data will be in controlled state.

  2. Data Link Layer: Which is just immediate above layer of physical layer, which helps in transmission of data frame and give them address, error correcting capacity.

  3. Network Layer: Which is present after data link layer and helps in showing path for data between computers, switches and routers. And shows how to data transfer to the individuals.

  4. Transport Layer: Present after network layer and helps in data transfer and maintain control..

  5. Session Layer: Work on the creating and maintain session during one application run time request access to other application access request.

  6. Presentation Layer: work on syntactic representation of data such as codes like Unicode etc.

  7. Application Layer: Give interface or application and presentation layer. Read in details about application layer

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TCP/IP layer

  1. Network Access
  2. Internet
  3. Transport
  4. Application

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Advantage of Reference model:

  • It divides the network communication process into smaller and simpler components, thus aiding component development, design and truobleshooting.
  • It allows multiple 'vendor development through staandardrization of network components.
  • It encourages industry standarization by defining what functions occur at each layer of the model.
  • It allows various types of network hardware and software to communicate.
  • It prevents changes from one layer affecting other layer.
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