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Radicals Assignment Help

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Radicals Introduction

An equation that contains roots involving variables, such as (x-5) =2 is called a radical equation. The main goal in solving them is to get rid of roots and to convert the radical equation to some simple, known equation.

Product rule for radicals:

na . nb = nab

Quotient rule for radicals:

na / nb = na/b

Radicals Assignment Help

Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions:

We can add or subtract radicals using the distributive property.

Example: 53 +23

= (5+2)3

= 73

Multiplying Radical Expressions:

Using special product rule with radicals:

(a-b) .(a+b) = a2 +b2

Solving an equation with radicals:

  • Isolate the radical (or at least one of the radicals if there are more than one).
  • Square both sides
  • Combine like terms
  • Repeat steps 1-3 until no radicals are remaining
  • Solve the equation
  • Check all solutions with the original equation (some may not work)


x= (3x+7) -1

Adding 1on both side x+1 = (3x+7)

Squaring both side x2+2x+1=3x+7

Subtracting 3x+7 from both side:

x2 + x-6=0

(x-3)(x+2) =0

So x = -2 and x = 3, but only x =3 makes the original equation equal.

Dividing by a complex number:

Dividing by a complex number
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