R Language Assignment Question 3

R Language Assignment Question Problem

1) What is the mean enjoyment level of each item (math, writing, science, reading, public speaking and problem solving) for CAS Arts students compared to CAS Science students? (4 points)

2) Provide the code that produces the following boxplot. Then, provide a brief interpretation of what this plot tells us. (8 points)

3) Construct a histogram of the number of shoes the male students own, such that each bin has a width of 4. Make it look nice. (8points)

4) Look through the variables and form a hypothesis about one categorical variable and what you think might be true (please do not use male vs female, find something more interesting than gendered differences … but as an example, maybe you think that Women are taking more credit hours than men, if so then say that and tell me why that might be true.) Then go and figure out if it is true using box plots or histograms or something similar. Provide your hypothesis and what evidence you found to either support or not support. You must include at least one graph or plot. Include a concluding statement in regards to your hypothesis. (10 points)

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