UML Use Case Assignment

Use Case Name: ReportEmergency

Brief Description:

This use case is used by a field officer to report on an emergency


The field officer is logged in the FRIEND software system

Primary Actor: FieldOfficer

Secondary Actors: Dispatcher Dependencies to other use cases

Includes use case OpenIncident Basic Flow

  1. The FieldOfficer sends a message to the system to activate the “Report Emergency” function through the
  2. The system presents a form to the
  3. The FieldOfficer communicates with the system to fill the form, by selecting the emergency level, type, location, brief description of the situation, and possible responses to the emergency
  4. IF the form is completed, THEN the FieldOfficer submits the form to the system, 5. The system receives the form.
  5. The system notifies the
  6. The Dispatcher communicates with the system to create an incident in the
  8. The Dispatcher acknowledges the system the emergency
  9. The Dispatcher communicates with the system to select a

Postcondition: The FieldOfficer has received an acknowledgement and the selected response from the system

Global Alternative Flow

  1. The FieldOfficer is notified immediately if the connection between her terminal and the

central is lost.

  1. IF the connection between the terminal and the central is lost, THEN the system notifies the FieldOfficer immediately,

Postcondition: The FieldOfficer is notified.

Special requirements

The FieldOfficer should receive a response (acknowledgement) from the system in less than one minute.

Technology and data variations

The details of the form (i.e., the data it contains) need to be clarified with customer. Open issues

This use case description should be refined and perhaps split: one goal of the FieldOfficer; one goal of the Dispatcher.