Transport Phenomena 225 Assignment 1

Namibia University of Science and Technology

Question 1 (23 marks)

  1. a) Chemical and metallurgical engineers usually find themselves as engineers for certain process industries. Sketch a labelled process flow chart for any product/metal production. (15)

Note for Question 1a):

  • The flow chart should be your own work and not a copy and paste diagram. Any product process is acceptable except the one for Pulp and Paper Industry process flow chart (can be a product process or manufacturing)
  • Start from raw material to the final product (assure that the flow structure is sequential)
  • Include input resources, conversion steps, output and recycle stream (could be waste streams as well)
  • Where required, include electricity and other energy flows and also indicate where it is not required
  1. Explain the importance of the ability to identify and draw/sketching process flow charts (2)
  2. Describe the significance of material and energy balances to process engineering. (6)

Question 2 (12 marks)

  1. In a heat exchanger, inlet and outlet temperatures of cooling water are 28 oC & 33 °C. The cooling water circulation is 200 litres/h. The process fluid enters the heat exchangers at 60 oC and leaves at 45 o Find out the flow rate of the process fluid? (Cp of process fluid = 0.95). (10)