TMF1254 communication and computer network

Assignment Task

Understanding the Internet Technology and the emerging technologies in Networking


This assignment is to be conducted in a group of THREE (3) students. You may choose your own group partner.


The objectives of this assignment are:

To allow students to understand the function of network architecture, network devices and protocols to enable the communication.

To allow students to explore the various current deployment and technologies available in the market.

To ensure students understand the important terms related to communication and computer network.

To encourage students in critical thinking and analysis



a) Internet has become a necessity in today’s world. For the past 30 to 40 years, the development of computerized applications and solutions has transformed together with the burst of the Internet usage.

Describe the properties of today’s Internet AND the architecture of the Internet.

(Answer must be not more than 2 pages; otherwise, marks will be cut).

[4 Marks]

b) What are the inadequacies of today’s Internet and WHY.

(Answer must be not more than 1 page; otherwise, marks will be cut).

[2 Marks]


Your task is to do a short write up (3-4 pages) on these popular and emerging technologies in Networking. Each group may choose your own any ONE (1) of the below topics and please make sure you state clearly the title that you have choose in your report.

i. Internet of Things Technology (IoT)

ii. 5G Network (5th generation mobile network)

iii. Mobile Ad-Hoc Sensor Network (MANET) iv. Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)

v. Hybrid Cloud Computing

vi. Voice over IP (VOIP)

Once you have identified which title you want to do, start surveying on the literature in order for you to prepare a report that MUST include the following:-

a) Introduction [1 Mark]

b) History of the technology [2 Marks]

c) Characteristics of the technology [3 Marks]

d) The underlying network architecture of the area (should include

diagram) [4 Marks]