Thesis evaluation report









Check List


General Comments

In overall this thesis achieves the standard of master degree.

However, the thesis should be improved subject to the amendments and corrections as listed elsewhere in the thesis.

Presentation of the thesis required major changes and should follow the standard format of thesis writing.

References in this thesis required represent the varieties of references such as established journals, conference, articles and book related to this study.

This thesis also required proof –read in order to check the grammar and syntax error.


Title of the Thesis

Suggestion- ‘’Implementation of Green Building Procedure Residential Building Construction in Abu Dhabi,UAE’’



Need some amendment and improvement in order to clearly explain the overall thesis or the study.

Abstract should contains:

Introduction of the study.

Scope of the study.

Briefly explain the research methodology (including method adopted and respondents of every method undertaken in the study).

Briefly explain the data analysis methods.

Research findings.


‘’Abstrak’’ in Bahasa Malaysia should change accordingly with English version and required check by proof reader in order to reduce syntax and grammar error.


Introduction(Chapter 1)

Research Background

This section required some improvement or major restructure in term of flow of the issues, focus of study and contents of the study.

Many references in this section too focusing in the Abu Dhabi study area. This section required student to analyze or reviewed the scenario globally and after that focusing (or narrow down) in the study area.

It is also discovered in this section or overall in the thesis, one reference appeared many time in the text. Please variety the references.

There is also, some figure in this section not mentioning in the specific statement. For example Figure 1.1 in page 3.

There is also, many strong statement not providing the related reference to support the statement. Example-‘’For all the above –mentioned reasons, the Emirates Green Building Council …….’’, page 4.

It is better, at the end of the section, student can specify what the purpose of this study based on the background of the research mentioned in this section

Problem statement

This section required some improvement and restructure to represent more in the research problem.

The issues and problems related must highlighted clearly in the problem statement

Also, it is better at the end of the section, try to relate the issues with the study undertaken.

Importance of this research

Please restructure this part to represent more about the importance of the research

Aim/Research Objectives/Research Questions

Please strengthen the aim of the research. What is the aim of this research?


This section required to add some information such as specific location or area of the study, target respondents and please provide some justification based on the selection.

Limitation of the Scope

Need more clarification

What is the purpose of this section? Specify

Methodology (brief)

Please add methodology section in order to present or explain briefly research methodology conducted in this research.

Thesis structure

Chapter 6 – missing statement the explanation of Chapter 6 in this section


Please add summary section to summarize the whole section of chapter 1.


Literature Review(Chapter 2)

Please add introduction section in this chapter.

The whole chapter required major improvement and restructure in term of contents and related references.

This section should focus on the objectives of this research needs to achieve.

This section should highlight the specific variables identified in the literature review

This chapter should conclude with the findings from literature review and state next step of the study.

Please add summary section in this chapter


Research Methodology (Chapter 3)

Page 67-‘’The research is used to investigate the current usage…..’’-this sentence not really reflects your research aim and objectives.

Add one section before section 3.2- to explain and give justification why this research adopted questionnaire, interview and case study method.

Page 70-(iii)’’The survey….’’-the sentence confusing.

Page 70-Please provide respondents demography for pilot survey, and provide detail explanation of the changes recommended from pilot survey.

Also, specify clearly total number of respondents for questionnaire, interview and case study. Breakdown the sample group.

Page71-Section 3.3-Case Study-Al Ghuraibah villas is the project or what? Specify. No reference in this section.

Page 72-Section3.4-Interviews

What do you meant by unstructured and semi-structured face to face interviews.

Provide further justification-‘’The interviewed sample group numbered is 30% of the total group sample (150).45 samples……

Please justify further target respondents.

Interviews-why you conduct interview and to achieve which objective…. Specify.

No reference in this section.

Section 3.5 – no reference referred.

Section 3.6-no reference referred.

Section3.7-This section required rephrases and restructure to strengthen content.

Section3.8 and 3.9 – no reference referred.

Section3.10-need further explanation regarding how you analyses quantitative (questionnaire),interview and case study data-specify.


Analysis(Chapter 4&5)

Chapter 4

This Chapter required major improvement and restructure based on the arrangement of the data.

This chapter need clearly highlight what is the purpose you conduct the case study and which objective need to be achieved.

Chapter 5

Need some improvement and restructure.

Calculation of the data confusing.


Result and Discussion (Chapter 6)

Need some improvement and restructure of the contents.

Please provide the findings in the table form in order to give more understanding of the research findings based on the objectives.


Conclusions and Recommendations(Chapter 7)

Section 7.4-suggested to be placed at the end of the chapter.



Check overall format of writing the references

Variety the references-such as journal articles, conference papers, book and etc.


Strength of the thesis

The thesis required some improvement and amendment for the strengthening.


Weakness of the thesis

This thesis required major work for the improvement.


Significance of the study

Significance to the construction industry in order to further implementation of green building procedures in practices.


Recommendation for the award

The candidate can be awarded the degree of Master subject to the amendments and corrections as listed in this report and thesis being made and submit to Internal and External for approval.