The impact of corporate culture on guest satisfaction in hotel industry in Singapore

The research title is : The impact of corporate culture on guest satisfaction in hotel industry in Singapore” based on hotel industry in Singapore not a case study on the growth and demise of guests’ satisfaction particularly to a company.

Requirement 2: I would need specific in the location of Singapore, so I can provide more in depth analysis of environmental factors that influence in to Corporate culture and behaviour, and consequently employee satisfaction which are one of the many attributes to guest satisfaction.

Requirement 3: research approach both on quantitative and qualitative research. For quantitative research will do questionnaire survey, and qualitative research will do interview for the higher management in the hotel, the operations team as well as guests.

Requirement 4: Introduction, need introduce the attributes of a positive customer satisfaction or experience. Then discuss about things that makes up a big portion of guests satisfaction, contributed by employee satisfaction consequential of corporate culture.

Requirement 5: Research model is: Corporate culture > Employee satisfaction > Guests satisfaction ( Either use this model, or if you can help me develop another meaningful model is appreciated), based on the model to develop three to five hypotheses (correct me if my understanding of the link is incorrect, anyway I would like to have a new model and three to five hypotheses).

Requirement 6: The problem statement is something like if I am the boss, and I have no idea that the way to develop my culture has a direct impact, I will be losing revenue, as I lost customer and occupancy resulted by poor service experience because my employee are not empowered, not happy working and consequently making the customers unhappy…