Summary of two journal papers

010: 2000 words / 30% of total marks

  1. Summary of two journal papers of 1000 words each. 
  2. Students are encouraged to select the journal papers from the list of journal papers that would be covered in the seminars. 
  3. Please submit the assignment in one single document only.

Rationale for assessment design:

One of the key aims of this core module is to introduce students to different theoretical perspectives relating to organisation studies in general and international management in particular. Ability to provide theoretically grounded explanations of contemporary issues is one of the key learning outcomes of this module. Hence, the formative assessment is designed to encourage students to read and engage with a wide range of key literature and summarise two journal papers. The ability to summarise journal papers is also critical to produce a solid dissertation (Post Graduate Major Project). 

Assessment information:

Element 010 – Summary of two journal papers 1000 words each (30% of total marks)

In 2,000 words or fewer you are to write a summary of two papers (1,000 words each) from the lists below. Please choose one paper from List A and the other from List B

List (A): 

  1. DiMaggio, P. and W. Powell (1983) The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional Isomorphism and Collective Rationality in Organizational Fields. American Sociological Review. 48 (2) 147-160
  2. March, J. (1991). Exploration and exploitation in organizational learning. Organization Science 2(1): 71-87.
  3. Meyer, J., and B. Rowan (1977) Institutionalized Organizations: Formal Structure as Myth and Ceremony. American Journal of Sociology. 83(2) 340-363.
  4. Amis, Munir, Lawrance, Hirsch,& McGhan (2018). Inequality, institutions and organizations. Organization Studies, 39(9) 1131-1152

List (B)

  1. Dacin, T.M., K. Munir; and P. Tracey. (2010). Formal dining at Formal Dining at Cambridge Colleges: Linking Ritual Performance and Institutional Maintenance. Academy of Management Journal, 53 (6) 1393-1418
  2. Westphal, J., and M. Bednar (2008) The Pacification of Institutional Investors. Administrative Science Quarterly, 53 29–72
  3. Jackson, G., and R. Deeg (2012) The long-term trajectories of institutional change in European capitalism. Journal of European Public Policy. 19(8) 1109-1125
  4. Patnaik, S., Pereira, V., Temouri, Y., Malik, A., & Roohanifar, M. (2020). The dance of power and trust – exploring microfoundational dimensions in the development of global health partnership. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol. 156

Marking criteria for the assessment is provided below in the table:




Learning Outcome


Introduction of the paper:

What is the background of the journal article? What is it about? What is / are the research questions? And what is the broad area or debate it is contributing to?

15 %


Literature Review:

What are the key bodies of literatures the author (s) have reviewed? What are the main arguments the author(s) have tried to develop in the paper building on the papers they have reviewed?


LO1; LO2; LO3



Is the paper a conceptual paper or one based on empirical research? What methodology has been adopted by the author(s)? What justifications have been provided regarding the methodological choices?


LO1; LO2; LO3


Findings and Discussion:

What are the key finding(s) the author (s) have arrived at? How does the finding(s) contribute to the research question (s)? How does the finding (s) contribute to the theory and practice?


LO1; LO2;LO3


Reflective conclusion:

Please reflect on the following aspects of the paper:

o Quality and strength of arguments presented in the paper;

o The structure and style adopted by the author(s);

o Whether the paper achieves the objectives outlined in the paper by the author (s).