Staff Code of Conduct

Boutique Build Australia

Staff Code of Conduct


This code aims to guide the conduct of staff in the performance of their duties as an employee of Boutique Build Australia and is intended to provide practical assistance for staff faced with ethical challenges.


All staff of Boutique Build Australian are expected to perform the duties associated with their position skillfully, impartially and diligently in order to contribute to the efficient and economic achievement of Boutique Build Australia’s strategic goals.

Staff should be guided in their conduct by the principles established by this code. If there is any doubt as to the applicability of the code, or the appropriate course of action to be taken in certain circumstances, the matter should be discussed with a senior member of staff.


1. Ethical principles

1.1 The fundamental ethical principles on which this code of conduct is based are:

  • respect for others
  • integrity
  • diligence
  • economy and efficiency.

2. Respect for others

2.1 All staff are expected to treat others, including other staff and customers with fairness and respect. This involves:

  • courtesy and responsiveness in dealing with others
  • being sensitive to and respecting the rights and dignity of others
  • making reasonable, fair and consistent decisions
  • avoiding behaviour which might reasonably be perceived as harassment, victimization or intimidation
  • avoiding discrimination on grounds such as age, race, sex, pregnancy, sexuality, ethnic background, nationality, disability, political conviction, religious belief, or other grounds covered by relevant legislation
  • allowing alternative points of view to be expressed and reasonably debated.

3. Integrity

3.1 All Boutique Build Australia staff have an obligation as a citizen and as an employee to observe the laws of the State and Commonwealth.

3.2 Staff are required to be familiar with and comply with, all relevant Boutique Build Australia’s policies, procedures and codes of practices of the organisation.

4. Conflicts of interest

4.1 Staff should be honest in performing their role and avoid conflicts between their private interests and those of their responsibilities to Boutique Build Australia.

4.2 Conflicts of interest may arise when a staff member is in a situation where personal circumstances are affected by the decisions or duties carried out in their role. A conflict may arise when any of the following are involved:

  • financial interests
  • personal or sexual relationships
  • personal beliefs
  • outside employment
  • political participation
  • use of confidential information
  • use of facilities, equipment and resources
  • acceptance of gifts or benefits.

4.3 All staff must act responsibly and report any actual or perceived conflicts of interest that arise as part of their role. If there is any question as to whether a conflict exists, staff must discuss the circumstances to management to determine whether a conflict exists. Appropriate strategies will be developed to manage any reported or perceived conflicts of interest.

5. Diligence

5.1 Staff are expected to carry out their duties in a professional, ethical and diligent manner at all times. This means staff must:

  • make decisions fairly, impartially and without bias, using the best information available
  • keep records and documentation to support their decisions
  • always aim to achieve the highest possible standard of performance
  • continuously develop their knowledge in their professional fields and areas of responsibility. Trainers and assessors must continue developing their vocational competencies to support continuous improvements in the delivery of the services provided by Boutique Build Australia
  • exercise best judgment in the interests of Boutique Build Australia
  • maintain adequate documentation to support decisions made
  • ensure outside interests do not interfere with ability to meet the responsibilities of their role
  • adhere to professional codes of conduct and standards of ethics
  • act responsibly when becoming aware of any unethical behaviour or wrong doing by any other person. This may involve a report to a senior member of staff.

6. Economy and efficiency

6.1 Staff should use Boutique Build Australia resources, facilities and intellectual property only for legitimate purposes related to their role with Boutique Build Australia.

6.2 Staff should avoid waste or minimize it where avoidance is not possible.

6.3 Staff should maintain sufficient security and protection of Boutique Build Australia property, facilities, resources and intellectual property.

7. Breach of the code

7.1 This code of conduct is designed to promote and enhance the ethical practice of staff. If any staff member is found to have breached this Code, Boutique Build Australia may decide to take action against them. This may include disciplinary action for misconduct or serious misconduct. Any such action may result in sanctions imposed, including and up to, termination of employment.

8. Legislation

This code of conduct is informed by the following legislation with which all staff must comply.

  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Copyright Act 1968
  • Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Disability Discrimination Act – Education Standards 2005