Software component cataloguing software Assignment

The software component cataloguing software consists of a software components catalogue and various functions depend on this components catalogue. The software components catalogue should hold details of the components which are potentially reusable. The reusable components can be either design or code. The design might have been constructed using di erent design notations such as UML,ERD,structured design, etc. Similarly, the code might have been written using di erent programming languages. A cataloguer may enter components in the catalogue, may delete components from the catalogue, and may associate reuse information with a catalogue component in the form of a set of key words. A user of the catalogue may query about the availability of a component using certain key words to describe the component. In order to help manage the component catalogue (i.e., periodically purge the unused components) the cataloguing software should maintain information such as how many times a component has been used, and how many times the component has come up in a query but not used. Since the number of components usually tend to be very high, it is desirable to be able to classify the di erent types of components hierarchically. A user should be able to browse the components in each category.


how to draw

  1. e-r diagram
  2. srs document(functionl and non-functional)
  3. structured analysis and structured design
  4. UML 2.0 models : (use case diagram,class diagram,sequence diagram and state-chart diagram)
  5. complete coding of this project