SOC 350 Lab Assignment 2

  1. What is the line of fit for the model where contraceptive use predicts how many children someone intends to have? How much of intention for children is explained by contraceptive use (2pts)?
  2. How many children does a respondent intend to have if they use contraception for 200 weeks (1pt)?
  3. Is contraceptive use a “good” predictor of how many children a person intends to have? Explain your answer (2pts).
  4. Based on the GSS data, what might be another predictor (other than age) for the number of children a respondent intends to have (2pts)?
  5. Is age a better predictor of intent for children than contraceptive use? Justify your answer using evidence from the regression output (3pts).
  6. What is the direction of the relationship between age and number of children respondent intends to have? Provide a justification for this relationship (2pts).
  7. Use the chart builder command to create a scatterplot. Ensure you select CASE ID for POINT ID LABEL. Which case ID’s appears to be the greatest outlier (1pt)?
  8. Does the total number of children raised by the respondent predict the number of children a respondent intends to have (justify your answer using evidence) (3pts)?
  9. Interpret the regression coefficient for total number of children raised. Justify the nature of the relationship (2pts).
  10. How many errors of prediction would we be making if we used the line of fit to predict how many children a person intends to have if they have raised 10 children (2pts?)