Six Sigma DMAIC methodology


  1. Please identify the five major global fruit supplier quality issues that facing the fruit beverage industry.
  2. Based on the supplier quality issues identified in answering Question 1, Please Identify five Six Sigma (DMAIC) projects to improve the processes.
  3. How Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) can be used to solve these the identified quality issues?
  4. Please provide some references for 2-3 Six Sigma case studies that aim to improve the supplier quality at least one for fruit supplier?

Some important points:

  • DMAIC = Design, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control
  • No word limits
  • For question 2, please no need to give background about what is Six Sigma.
  • This not an essay, so I am not looking for word count, but information and reference.
  • Knowledge about supply chain, procurement, and six sigma is important to perform this work