Review the 3 business scenarios

Unit 3 Discussion

In our discussion this week, I would like you to review the 3 business scenarios below and then offer firewall recommendations for them based on their needs. You may choose any firewall configuration, combination of firewalls, or even suggestions outside our readings, such as software (host-based) firewalls. Be sure to explain why.
Be sure to justify your recommendations and be prepared to defend them. Make your posts EARLY in the week. Return often throughout the week to reply and respond to at least two of your classmates.


  1. The Telecommuter

Tonya has worked for a medical coding firm for 5 years. When her first child came along, her company offered her the option of working from home. The company furnishes a standard tower unit PC for telecommuters and also provides upgrades to business class DSL. Tonya must upload all completed charts to a secured server at the end of each business day, plus maintain a backup copy on her tower unit.

What firewall configuration would you recommend for Tonya's home-based office/network? Be sure to explain why.

  1. Designers On the Go

The employees of a small architectural firm are constantly on the go. They are mobile while in office and connect back in through an IPSec-based VPN remotely. They also have two separate extranets set up with partner engineering firms who review and approve design structures saved on a server housed inside the architect’s home office.

What firewall setup would provide the firm both flexibility and security? Be sure to explain why.

  1. The E-Commerce Retailer

A multi-national retailer hosts its own web site in-house along with its customer database containing personal and credit card information. The web servers tie into the database on the more secure back-end of the network. Internal users on the private network can access the customer database but must validate their identities prior to doing so.

Which firewall technologies should be deployed to (a) secure the internet-facing web servers (b) to protect the link between the web servers and customer database (c) to protect the link between internal users and the customer database? Be sure to explain why.