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Review of Current Mobile Apps

Part A: Review of Current Mobile Apps (30marks)

Exploring, analysing, and evaluating existing applications

  • Review 10 related mobile applications

Provide the name, attach some photos, and provide your summary positive and negative, references (APA style citations) on materials you referenced

  • Discuss your summary of reviews

2-3 paragraphs to one page, Draw from your own experience on why you would want to regularly use certain applications

  • Describe your application development goals and success criteria

List in bullet points what you envisage as a good application, and what metrics can you gather from your app to how you gauge your success and achievements

Part B: Functional Prototype (60marks)

  • Describe your app in ‘executive summary’ style

Requires a component that showcase innovations, use of image capture to measure height and size of collars

  • Describe the innovative feature

Name, eatures and functionalities, and who the intended users are. This should be a paragraph or two

3- Discuss the use case scenario

and how the screens are used to accomplish tasks

4 - Describe your information architecture

Information flows from user inputs, storage and processing.

5 - Static prototype of the entire app's interaction flow

Xcode Storyboard, how the user will interact, demonstrate the use of various

UI components such as (iOS "Tab Bar Controller”, “Navigation Controller”)

show us that the interface design and interaction flow to be completely fleshed out and thought through in the static prototype.

6 - Produces Interactive Prototypes

2 key features, show how the app handles creation and deletion of notes, show

The interaction of applying text style (bold, italics) to text in notes, running on the simulator and/or on the actual device you are developing for

7 - Discuss how your design would meet your development goals and success criteria

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