Responding to negative online reviews and other feedback


No business likes hearing or reading negative feedback from customers, however it is inevitable and can present an opportunity to improve business and build relationships. Ignoring feedback or responding in a rude manner will lead to the loss of a customer or more customers if the feedback is posted online. Such situations can be avoided when handled well (Newman 2017: 217).


  1. Have a look at this customer complaint

Beauty and the Beasts


October 1

On Saturday my family and I were visiting your new restaurant Beautiful & Lovely, after we saw how beautiful it was and how the food looked apetising on Facebook. However, this was not the case as we waited for over an hour to get our food, which was not done according to our orders. The meat was overcooked and tasted like rubber. The kids were agitated and their fries were flappy and the chicken was bloody.

When we complained to the waiters nothing was done, they refused to prepare the food properly and insisted that everything was proper. The manager was not helpful and was very mean. We unfortunately had to pay for such service. This was our worst experience of all time and I would not advise anyone to visit this restaurant. 

  1. Have a look at the Social Media Response Guidelines on page 184 to consider what type of customer this is and how you will handle the problem.
  2. Then use the Guidelines for responding to negative online reviews and other feedback (pg. 218) to respond to the above complaint as management or restaurant ownership.