Research Project Assessment 1

Assessment item 1 – Research Project Details

Length: 600-800 words

Conditions: Individual


Use the template below to present your research project details. Please note that bullet points are not acceptable; responses need to be written in full sentences. This assignment must be submitted through the Turnitin link for this assignment.


Information to include

Report title

A brief (10-12 words) title indicative of the research problem and the name of the industry partner

Industry partner

You can say organisation's name is X if you want to keep it confidential. Just provide an overview of the organisation's background (industry, location, number of employees, turnover, your connection to the organisation, etc.)

Research Field

Identify a research field/disciple within which your research problem sits.

For example, marketing, human resource management, knowledge management.

Research problem

What problems do your industry partner face?

What specific problem will your research project investigate and try to resolve?

Why is it important to solve this problem?

Overarching research aim

Here you have to translate your industry partner’s real problem into a specific research aim, which will guide your project.

What does your research aim to explore / investigate / do?

Research questions(s)

Based on the overarching research aim, formulate specific research questions your report will address.

What research question(s) will guide your research?

Keywords used for literature search

What keywords will you use in your search for relevant literature, which will then be the foundation for your literature review?

References: Two (2) sources of relevant literature

Please provide full details of 2 relevant articles you will use for your literature review in Harvard style referencing format. Please note that unless you are doing a feasibility study, you must cite journal articles only. If you are doing a feasibility study, you can cite industry reports too.

Marking criteria


Assessing criteria


Report title


Indicative of research problem

Includes industry partner name

1 mark

Industry partner

Suitable industry partner identified

Comprehensive overview of industry partner

1.5 marks

Research field

Research field/discipline correctly identified

0.5 mark

Research problem

Research problem is clearly identified

Research scope/focus is sufficiently narrowed down

Significance of the research problem is well established

4.5 marks

Research aim

Research aim closely linked to the research problem

1 mark

Research question(s)

Research question(s) is/are specific to the research problem

Research question(s) is/are specific to the industry partner

Research question(s) closely linked to the research aim

Answer(s) to research question(s) is/are able to solve the problem

3.5 marks


Ability of keywords to identify relevant literature

1 mark


Quality of the sources/references

Relevance to the research problem

Currency of the source/reference

2 marks


15 marks