Research on clinical situation

Flow Chart – Assessment 2 – Gathering Information

Write your Reflection (Part 1, Question 1)

In the assessment we need to be able to see you can identify a clinical situation where research may be needed. Consequently when you write your reflection choose a situation where you identified you needed more knowledge. This can be situations such as;

“I did XY and Z but thought I could improve on Y” OR

“I saw XY and Z which was not what I thought we did…” OR

“I was asked to do XY and Z but did not know how to…”.

You will see in each situation that you will develop a question and in the process of completing the assessment you will answer that question.

Can you base this on a reflection you have written while on prac? Yes!

Do I have to use Gibbs Cycle? If you are following a model of reflection this is the one to use BUT you have to stick to the word count. Essentially what we are doing in this assignment fits with Gibbs Cycle at the conclusion – Action Plan section. The information you are collecting is based on your conclusion but will be put into practice in your Action Plan.

Go onto JBI and find an Evidence Based Summary (Part 1, Question 2)

Choose the summary that most closely matches your question/topic. It may answer the question, it may not. If it does not match that is fine (and will give you a great talking point for the assessment if it does not). When you read your summary it will indicate what best practice is and the recommendations to practice will be Graded. This would be another talking point (ie some recommendations would be put into practice more readily than others).

Go to a Database (EBSCO Host) and collect Research (Part 2)

At this point you would not have an answer to the question generated in your reflection so you need to go to the research. You will do this by going to the EBSCO Host Database. When you are in the data base you need to search for articles by typing in keywords. You will know the key words you need if you follow PICO. Please remember not all situations will have a “C” but the other three do have to be complete

Once you have generated your search you need to choose 4 articles. Of the four articles you need to evaluate them (as per the Levels of Evidence), the most robust article. This article must be a quantitative article (because we are looking at putting the findings into practice). Ideally all four will be. You may include one Editorial/Expert Opinion/Qualitative article but no more. All four articles will need to be loaded into BB so remember to save them on your computer/USB.

You need to identify the most robust of your 4 articles. This is the article you will use in Part 3. This is the article you need to have registered in the Discussion Board. If you go into “Assessments” and scroll down you will see “Register of Articles”. Click on this. Open a post and post your article by entering it in APA format (as per the instructions in BB) and then attaching the document to your post.

Once you have a “Yes” response from your Lecturer proceed to Part 3.