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Baxter, L. A., & West, L. (2003) Couple Perceptions of Their Similarities and Differences: A Dialectical Perspective Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 20, p. 490-514.

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Overall, we are attracted to others similar to us because “we feel more confident that we are “right” in our thinking if we encounter someone else who thinks just like us.” (Fehr, 2008, p. 45).

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Part of identifying and understanding a refriending event will not be uncovered until people share their own reconnection experiences, but at the very least, each person still recognizes the other as friend and engages in a back and forth retelling of his or her life. According to Stafford (2014, p. 17) “the refriending experience may not so much be defined by the amount of time spent catching up but from the resonating meaning the individual ascribes to the experience of reclaiming the friendship. Even after years of protracted silence, some friendships might be able to pick up where they last left off as both friends slip back into their familiar roles that defined their earlier relationship.” Others friends may find it more difficult to conjure the social and emotional ties that once bound them together and struggle to find commonality in the moment.

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