Report writing question

Option 1 (Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).

If you choose to work on the project for which I have specified the requirements:

  • Present your LP formulation for the production planning problem as required in Task 1.
  • Present your SQL queries that estimate the parameters , , , and of your LP model and specify the values of the estimated parameters for each product type as required in Task 2.
  • Present your estimates for the regression coefficients , , , and for each product and comment on the predictive accuracy of your estimates as required in Task 3.
  • Present your estimates for the production costs under special run, , as required in Task 4.
  • Present your SQL queries to obtain data for demand prediction as required in Task 5.
  • Briefly describe your methods for predicting demands for period 53. Specify the method that produces the lowest mean squared error and the values of your estimates under this method as required in Task 6.

Option 2.

If you choose not to work on the project for which I have specified the requirements, then you must include a detailed set of requirements for your proposed project in your preliminary report. The scope and complexity of your project should be similar to the one for which I have specified the requirements. The requirements should be precisely defined and your tasks clearly identified. Please specify your list of deliverables for the Final Report.