Personnel Management Individual Assignment

You have been appointed as the Human Resource (HR) Manager of a service-related business (i.e. companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services) looking to open its subsidiary in Singapore.

Your boss has asked you to prepare a report recommending job design, recruitment and selection strategies that can be adopted by the company to fulfil its staffing needs in view of its impending launch in Singapore. The company wants to create an engaging and motivating work environment that will attract talented staff to a host of sales and service related jobs that will be made available once it opens its outlet in Singapore.

Note: You are to choose a real company outside of Singapore that does not have a presence in Singapore yet.

Organize a 1800-2000 word report as follows. (Note: Word count excludes the cover page, reference list and any appendices).

  • Cover page comprising title, name and word count
  • Introduction of the chosen company and its plans in Singapore
  • Job Design formulation for TWO (2) chosen positions
  • Recruitment Strategy for Singapore
  • Selection Strategy for Singapore
  • Implementation and detailed plan of the job design, recruitment and selection strategies
    (How you will plan for and schedule your staffing strategies above)
  • Conclusion and submission are well considered and taken into account the HR strategies of the company in Singapore
  • Reference List: 5-10 references from at least 3 different sources in APA style
  • Up to two pages of appendices (if needed)