PENG 4301 assignment 2

  1. A well is producing from a reservoir formation (average pressure= 2000 psi). Production rate was estimated at 200 STB/day having a bottomhole flowing pressure (pwf) close to 1800 psi. The bubble-point pressure is 2100 psi. Based on these data calculate using the appropriate model:
    1. Qo (max) also known as (AOF) Absolute Open Flow Potential
    2. The producing rate expected when reducing pwf to 1500 psi
    3. The bottomhole pressure needed to obtain an inflow of 400 STB/day
  2. In a table, compare results obtained in problem 1 with those obtained in assignment #1 problem 2. Briefly explain the differences if any.
  3. For the well deliverability test example covered in class (data given below), solve it using a spreadsheet and analyze the effect of reservoir depletion on IPR. Initial average reservoir pressure was given 3600 psia. Compare in an IPR plot these behaviors. Estimate qo(max) for each case.

Qo, STB/day

Pwf, psia