NWAR5112 Assignment 1

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  1. No material may be copied from original sources, even if referenced correctly, unless it is a direct quote indicated with quotation marks. No more than 10% of the assignment may consist of direct quotes.
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  4. Assignments must be typed unless otherwise specified.
  5. All work must be adequately and correctly referenced.
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This is an individual assignment.

Referencing Rubric

Providing evidence based on valid and referenced academic sources is a fundamental educational principle and the cornerstone of high quality academic work. Hence, The IIE considers it essential to develop the referencing skills of our students in our commitment to achieve high academic standards.

Poor quality formatting in your referencing will result in a penalty of a maximum of five (5) marks against the percentage mark awarded, according to the following guidelines. Please note, however, that evidence of plagiarism in the form of copied or uncited work (not referenced), absent reference lists, or exceptionally poor referencing, may result in action being taken in accordance with The IIE’s Intellectual Integrity Policy (0023).


Subtract 1

Subtract 2

Subtract 3

Subtract 4

Subtract 5

Consistent intext referencing style

Quotation marks, page numbers, years, etc. applied correctly Only one or two minor mistakes in style made All sources are accurately reflected and included in a reference list

Consistent intext referencing


Quotation marks, page numbers, years, etc. applied correctly Fewer than five

minor mistakes made

More than 90% of the sources are correctly reflected and included in a reference list

Consistent intext referencing style

Quotation marks, page numbers,

years, etc. not always applied correctly Not all paraphrased content referenced At least 80% of the sources are correctly reflected and included in a reference list 1.

Consistent in-text referencing style

Quotation marks used for direct quotes but page numbers missing

At least 70% of the sources are correctly reflected and included in

a reference


In-text referencing used but inconsistent Paraphrased material cited but not referenced accurately or consistently

in text

Quotation marks and/or

page numbers

for direct quotes missing At least 60% of the sources are correctly reflected and included in reference list

Poor and inconsistent referencing style used At least 50% of the sources are correctly reflected and included in reference


Quotation marks and/or page numbers for direct quotes missing May be

referred for

action in accordance with IIE 0023




In this assignment, you are required to, and will be challenged to, complete several network architecture planning, designing, configuration tasks divided into the categories:

Discovery Learning: Insights and Experience; Competency: Knowledge and skills.


JP Network Solutions is one of the largest network integrated solution providers focusing on rendering network design consultation services, installation and configuration management, network development and implementation and troubleshooting services via their nation-wide help desk system. Annually, JP Network Solutions host an Online Gaming Tournament that runs for five days at one of their sites, i.e. Durban, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth. JP Network Solution wants to expand their operations and introduce the tournament in Cape Town. You are appointed to lead and manage the proposed Online Gaming Network. The project involves planning, designing, implementing, and testing the network solution.

The solution must meet the following requirements and specifications:

  1. Labs:
  • 5 x networked computer labs;
  • 1 x configured server room;
  • 1 x IT Support Office;
  • Bathrooms, lounge, and reception area;
  • The drawing given is the open space building impression you will need to use to build and install the Online Gaming network labs and other support offices; and
  • You are expected to use partitions; add your own other building floor plan elements

suitable for your solution.

  1. Computers, software, and applications:
    • 20 x User PCs;
    • 1 x Administrator’s PC;
    • User PC components and software (including drivers) must be compatible and match the minimum and recommended Gaming software and tools;
    • Client and server machines must use appropriate network and client operating systems; and
    • A minimum of 10 selected games must be made available.
  1. Network Devices and Cabling:
    • Implement an appropriate switching and/ or routing strategy; and
    • Implement cabling (patch panels and cable runs, etc.) that follow best practices.
  1. Directory Services and Security:
    • Implement a domain controller that will host an Active Directory holding all network objects in their appropriate OUs. These include users, computers, groups, and administrative GPOs;
    • Client machines must be joined to the domain;
    • 20 x user accounts for the beginner category of the tournament;
    • 20 x user accounts for the intermediate category of the tournament;
    • 20 x user accounts for the advanced category of the tournament;
    • The groups are created and organised according to their categories;
    • Each user must have unique logon credentials and must be assigned to a Home directory. Full access to the Home directory must be allowed;
    • A network share for all gamers must be made available with All Full Control permission; and
    • Games are published or assigned accordingly.

Complete the following tasks adhering to all requirements and submissions rules.

The diagram is not drawn to scale but the space allocated is sufficient for the lab requirements and other office space specifications.

Question 1 (Marks: 100)

Complete the following tasks based on the scenario given.


Create the floor plan that is partitioned to fit all labs and other offices required. Ensure that you follow best principles when allocating and placing the hardware and network devices. Your floor plan must be fully labelled and demonstrate the following LAN strategies:


Switching and/ or routing;

Server types;

Directory based network; Wireless networking.

Provide a brief description of the components of the floor plan and the motivation behind it.



Produce a network diagram demonstrating the online gaming network.



Using the floor plan in Q.1.1 above, show how you have cabled your network. Comprehensive cable run and cable specifications must be included to support your diagram.



Provide a brief description of how the networked tournament will work. Recommend the security features and network protocols applicable to this networked tournament.



Plan, design, and install the directory services. Ensure that the following tasks are completed:


Identify correct and sufficient domain service features, tools, and technologies suitable for the online gaming tournament directory services. Draw up a list of features, tools, and technologies and then state the reason the tool is selected. The reason must demonstrate that the tool fulfills the requirement(s) presented in the scenario;

Plan and design the OU strategy. Draw an OU diagram suitable for the online gaming tournament domain;

Install the online gaming tournament domain and then configure the

server and roles; and

Configure the required services, features, and all Active Directory objects as per the list drawn above and the scenario given.

The user and group accounts:

You have been tasked to create the user accounts, groups, shares and network drives. Configure these objects and subjects including assigning permissions and delegating control.


The user and group accounts must:

have the logon name, display name, e-mail address, password that does

not expire;

be linked to a user account home directory with full permission on each;

belong to either a department global security group or a role global

security group; and

be given access to a public folder (e.g. P:\) fully accessible by all


The computers accounts:

Each office space will be required to have an adequate number of workstations/ laptops.