NKB20603 Reaction Engineering



Azli is a fresh graduate of Chemical Engineering and is currently working in a consultancy firm. His supervisor assigns a new task for him to design a reactor that can produce 1,000 metric tons of sulfuric acid per month. Without providing any detailed information, his supervisor requests him to propose a draft of the design within one month. By referring to the textbook and notes that he used during his undergraduate study, he starts to realize that he actually needs more information such as the production process, the type of reactor, reaction rate law, specific reaction rate constant, conversion, etc. before he can proceed with the reactor design!


If you were Azli, discuss how and what you should do to solve the problem and complete the task. Students should be working in a group of THREE to FOUR (3 – 4) members. All group members are required to give full commitment and contribution towards the completion of the assignment. In the end of the discussion, students are required to submit a final report (not more than 15 pages, excluding the cover page, appendices and references) to summarize the design.

Students from different groups are encouraged to discuss and share the information or opinion. However, DIFFERENT reports are to be submitted and groups that are found to have similar contents or discussion with the reports from the other groups will be penalized.


The assignment will be graded based on the contents, the clarity and conciseness of your writing. The report should consist of (but not limited to) the sections including introduction and problem statement, relevant theory/concept, problem solving, discussion, appendices and references. The report must be properly cited and all sources of references e.g. books, journals, articles or websites must be clearly listed and written according to the format. All reports must be written in English.