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MGT808 Responsible Leadership

Format / Layout of Assessment



(details of what to include) (cross the appropriate check boxes)

ICMS Cover Page Table of Contents

Synopsis / Executive Summary

















Reference List











ICMS Cover Page













Reference List




Oral Presentation:



Paper submission PowerPoint submission

Peer review (group presentation)


Reference List



Assessment instructions

(clear, succinct, without repetition)


Policy Memo to the Board. Write a 2000-word policy memo to the Board of your current organisation or other approved organisation. This policy memo will include an analysis of the key planning and innovation challenges faced by contemporary business organisations and business leaders. Identify potential responsible leadership strategies which could be incorporated into strategic planning and change for the organisation.

Prepare a 2,000 word report (plus/minus 10 per cent). The focus is on high quality critique and integration of academic sources.

Submission Date: Week 11: Online submission via Turn-it-in and hard copy in class.

All reports should include a minimum of six (6) academic peer review journal articles. Additional sources may include company websites, industry associations, and government authorities.

Non-scholarly websites, including, but not limited to, Wikipedia, UKessays.com etc. may not be used.


Example of Structure of Report

The Reports will follow conventional Business Report format, which includes the following sections, with numbers and description for each section and sub- section.

Title Page Executive Summary Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Case Study overview

3.0 Analysis of Case Study

3.1 (insert heading)

3.2 (insert heading)

3.3 (insert heading)**

4.0 Conclusion

4.1 (insert heading)

4.2 (insert heading)

4.3 (insert heading)**

5.0 Recommendations

6.0 Appendices (if relevant)

7.0 Reference List

** The number of sub-sections may vary depending on the writing structure. Please ensure that a meaningful word or phrase is used for each sub-heading.

Referencing Style

APA i.e. author-date citation and referencing must be used consistently.

Academic Integrity

All reports will be carefully reviewed for academic integrity. Students should ensure that all materials are properly cited and referenced. All secondary sources need to include the primary reference also.

Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database,

Moodle etc.)

List or links to relevant readings Case Study information of Moodle. My Athens database

Grading Criteria / Rubric

Marking Rubric available on Moodle.

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