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MEEN 421 Thermal Fluids Analysis and Design

Design Project Description

The completion of a unique design project is required by each student team. Student teams include maximum of 3 students, randomly chosen by the instructor. They work on a thermo-fluid design project of their choice upon approval of the instructor. If the group cannot come up with an acceptable project then the instructor may suggest a few options to them to choose from. All the group members are supposed to work together on the project tasks. There is a group evaluation form that will be filled by each group members to evaluate the effort of each individual in the group for grade assessment. The evaluation forms must be submitted no later than the deadline for the report. Absence of evaluation from each student will result in zero grad for that student! There will be no possibility of changing the evaluation or the report after their submission. The project is evaluated at given steps in the table below following the full description below.

Milestone Schedule:





Description of design project




Submit topic statement




Brief statement of problem; (or need statement)




Progress report




Final report




Colorful brochure



Total points


  • For your topic statement, you should include (a few sentences):
    • Provide background for the issues.
    • Summarize the topic you intend to research.
    • Outline the research question to be answered.
    • Summarize how you will accomplish it.
    • State your hypothesis (what do you expect to find?).
    • Explain the significance of your proposed study (how will it advance knowledge in the field or benefit the community?).
  • Brief statement of the work follows the topic statement and details:
    • Provide more background for the issues (at least three journal references).
    • Describe expect outcome of the project and the research questions to be answered.
  • How will your work advance knowledge in the field or benefit the community?
  • Methodology of the work. Detailed plan
  • Progress report follows the format of the final report that includes preliminary results and a schedule for the remaining tasks. The final report is graded based on these tasks.

Students also require to prepare a “brochure” for their work. The one page color brochure provides a tool to summarize the work done and results in a nutshell.

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