ME 300 numerical modeling

Select a system that can be described by an ordinary differential equation of third order or higher, or by a system of ODEs of equivalent order. The damped harmonic oscillator and single pendulum are not options, because they are only second order and we have already modeled them in lab. Your textbook may have some interesting candidates. Other suggestions include:

double pendulum, bicycle, multiple-spring-mass system, etc. See also:



  1. You must be able to model the system with the MATLAB tools we have developed in class.
  2. You must be able to be confirmed, verify, or validate the results of your analysis in some way.

Describe the system you intend to model:

  1. Place an image here and answer all questions:
  2. Briefly describe the system in words
  3. How will you confirm, verify, or validate the results of your modeling? Analytical solution? Published results or physical experimentation? Where are the results published?
  4. What is the governing ODE or system of ODEs?
  5. What are all the system parameter values? (mass, stiffness, viscosity, length, etc.
  6. What are the initial conditions?
  7. What is the expected range of the independent variable?
  8. What is the expected range of the dependent variable(s)?
  9. What method do you intend to use to model it? Why?
  10. What step size do you intend to use?