LEB term8 marketing management assignment

The Context

You have been just employed as the Asia-Pacific Regional Marketing Director of a large global company involved in a niche consumer product, targeting a middle-upper income customer segment.

The Task

The majority of your current product lines are declining in the ‘B’ markets in the region i.e South East

Asia. You are also required to introduce and to aggressively grow a number of new product lines in the ‘A’ markets i.e. Japan and China. You are given the task to review the Marketing Plan, and to consider geo-political uncertainty and an economic downturn in the region. You are to present your Marketing Plan to the supervisory board of Asia-Pacific prior to execution.

Your marketing plan will consist of FIVE key sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Situation Analysis (Marketing Audit)
  3. Marketing Objectives for each of your 4Ps’ i.e. product, price, place and promotion
  4. Marketing Strategies and Programmes
  5. Marketing Monitors and Controls

Instructions for the Marketing Plan Report:

Your report (not exceeding 3,500 words) should incorporate the following:

(a) Executive Summary (5%)

200-300 words, not to be included in the word count.

(b) Introduction (10%)

You should provide a concise overview of the profile of your company, market segment and position in the market as well as brief product details to be marketed.

(c) Main Body (65%)

You should identify suitable theories, frameworks, techniques or models to use in the report when undertaking the crafting and formulation of the Marketing Plan with its various key components to derive and support possible reasons that explain what, how and why the said strategies were proposed and be organized under appropriate main and sub-headings.

(d) Conclusion and Recommendations (10%)

Direct the end of your report to the Asia-Pacific supervisory board of your company to convince them of your Marketing Plan to be executed.

(e) Citations and References (10%)

Harvard-style reference system within-text and end text referencing list. Have a minimum of 12 references.

Hence, you will be assessed on your:

  1. Ability to locate, assess and research material related to current marketing planning process and environmental scanning requirements. You will need to use logic and read widely to identify issues and leads to where you should research for this firm.
  2. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the current marketing planning process and environmental scanning requirements.
  3. Ability to identify and assess relevant theoretical and management issues in the environmental scan and audit.
  4. Presentation of a logical arguments and gap analysis. NB. A marketing audit DOES NOT include a full marketing plan only to the point of the issues. The most important part of the audit is the environmental market place scan (PEST, SWOT, Stakeholder analysis) and overall analysis including customer analysis, competitor analysis and current activities.
  5. Ability to justify your position with use of supporting references.

Further Instructions

  • Font Style: Times New Roman & Font Size:12
  • Line Spacing:1.5
  • Page Layout/ Orientation: Portrait
  • All the margins should be set about 25mm on both sides (i.e. left & right) of each page.
  • Numerical Systems (e.g1.0, 1.1and1.1.1) should be used for each section and sub-section.
  • Word count must be indicated on the cover page of the assignment.

Word Count

Your word count should not include your reference list or appendices. You should provide your word count also at the end of your report.

Exceeding the word count by more than 10% will result in a penalty of 10% of your marks for your work.

If your work is significantly shorter, then you will probably have failed to provide the level of detail required.

Assessment Grading Criteria


Mark (%)




As for “60-69 marks” band plus the following:

Shows clear evidence of wide and relevant reading and anengagement with the conceptual issues. Develops asophisticated and intelligent argument. Shows a rigorous useand a sophisticated understanding of relevant source materials,balancing appropriately between factual detail and keytheoretical issues. Materials are evaluated directly and theirassumptions and arguments challenged and/or appraised.

Shows original thinking and a willingness to take risks.



Shows strong evidence of critical insight and critical thinking. Shows a detailed understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues and directly engages with the relevant literature on the question set. Develops a focussed and clear argument and articulates clearly and convincingly with a sustained train of logical thought. Shows clear evidence of planning and appropriate choice of sources and methodology/concepts/models.



Shows a reasonable understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues involved. Shows evidence of planning and selection from relevant sources. Demonstrates some knowledge of the relevant literature. Text shows, in places, examples of a clear train of thought or argument. Text is introduced and concludes appropriately.

Marginal Fail


Shows some awareness and understanding of the factual or theoretical issues, but with little development. Misunderstandings are evident. Shows some evidence of planning, although irrelevant/unrelated material or arguments are included

Poor Failure


Fails to answer the assignment question or to develop an argument that relates to the question set. Does not engage with the relevant literature or demonstrate acknowledge of the key issues. Contains clear conceptual or factual errors or misunderstandings.

Academic honesty

Please acknowledge all references and sources that you use in your work. This is not just good manners but also academic honesty.