Lab 5B Word Essentials assignment

Applied Lab


The purpose of this lab is to practice formatting in a word processing application by recreating a pamphlet typically distributed free to customers in a commercial nursery. This will include reformatting previously formatted text and inserting a picture into the document. A sample of the pamphlet is provided as a PDF in the Lab 5B resources section.


  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Create a new, blank document and save your document as LastName_ Lab5B.
  3. Browse to the Lab 5B: Word Essentials drop box in Angel
    1. Open the doc document which you can find beneath the Lab Resources heading in the Lab 5B: Word Essentials drop box.
    2. Open the pdf, which you can find beneath the Lab Resources heading in the Lab 5B: Word Essentials drop box.


You are responsible for creating a single page newsletter in Word, which matches the

Gardners_Corner_Sample_Document.pdf file as closely as possible. You will be provided a summary of the steps required but you will need to hunt around a little in word to find the tools necessary to accomplish some of the tasks. Remember to use help if you are not sure exactly how to accomplish a task

  1. Copy the text provided in the doc document as the content for your newsletter.
  2. Make the following changes to the various headers
    1. Create a header using a built-in header and the text Gardener’s Corner.
    2. Create a title using the text Putting a Perennial Garden to Bed and the Title style under the Styles
    3. Create a subtitle using the text by Joy. Remember to use Italics
    4. Create section titles (i.e. Cleanup, Add Compost). You should use the Styles and Formatting tools in Microsoft Word. Do not manually set the format the header text for each section.
      1. Your instructor should be able to automatically modify the formatting of all headers by modifying a Style.
      2. Review Lab 5A: Word Essentials if you have trouble with this task.
    5. You may change the font color of the header, title and section headings to complement the image selected if desired.
  1. Make the following changes in the body of the document.
    1. Create two columns in the body using the Columns tool found on the Page Layout
    2. Highlight the first word of the first paragraph (A) and using the Drop Cap tool found on the Insert tab to create a large Capital A
    3. Create bullet lists using the same bullet size and type throughout the sections. You can use the format painter tool (looks like a paint brush) to duplicate the formatting exactly.
    4. Omit the phrase “For copies of earlier Gardner’s Corners . . . call”
    5. Correct the section title “To mulch or not to mulch” and run spell check.
  2. No picture has been provided. Please go to Wikimedia Commons by following this link:
    1. Find a picture of an appropriate flower on this site. You should copy the picture and then paste it in your document.
    2. You must resize the selected picture to fit within your document while preserving the aspect ratio. This is done by selecting the picture, clicking on a corner handle (small circle) holding the shift key down as you drag the mouse from the corner to the middle along the diagonal. The picture should include citation.
    3. Position the picture by using the picture tools contextual tab and position button. 5. Adjust the font and image sized to ensure that the document fits on a single page
  3. When complete, make sure you Save your work.