Kinematic Equations Assignment Question

Gradually Varied Flow Profiles and Numerical Solution of the Kinematic Equations:


  1. Evaluate and apply the equations available for the description of open channel flow
  2. Solve the equations governing unsteady open channel flow
  3. Apply the equations of unsteady flow to practical flow problems

Special Instructions

  1. Computer programs or spreadsheets must be the work of the individual student.
  2. Assignments submitted without adequate proof of program validation will not be eligible for greater than a C grading.
  3. A proportion of the marks is allocated to the communication aspects of the assignment. Marks will be deducted for untidy and poorly presented work, poor English expression, and failure to cite sources of information.
  4. This assignment is based on the material contained in Module 2 & 5. It is essential that students attempt the tutorial problems for these modules before attempting the assignment.
  5. Plagiarism is taken seriously in this course, as such your assignment report will be checked using Turnitin and your spreadsheets (if you have chosen to use Excel or equivalent) will be checked for plagiarism using Excel-Smash

Instructions for Submission

Submission for this assignment is in two parts:

  • Report introducing the problem, providing background in all relevant theory, descriptions of methods and equations used and discussion of results.
  • Electronic copy of all computer code or spreadsheets used so the examiner can validate the models

The report should be compiled in such a manner that assessment can be completed without access to the electronic copies of the code/spreadsheet files. It is normal practice to include technical details (e.g. computer code) as an appendix.

The assignment is to be submitted electronically via study desk. The link is available on the course studydesk.

Please note that hand written equations within the body of the report are permitted. In many cases they are preferred as they are simpler to produce and easier to read than poorly set out computer produced equations

This assignment is comprised of two questions with the marks allocated as follows

Question 1 – Gradually Varied Flow Profile 40 marks

Question 2 – Kinematic Wave Model 110 marks

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