IS323 Systems Analysis and Design

Project Case Study 4

Student Housing System

As USP continues to invest in constructions of more student accommodation is putting a lot of pressure on the existing resources at the Student Housing Department to be able to manage the growing number of rooms. Whilst the university maintains a comprehensive system to manage student data, the operations of the halls management have remained largely manual. Hence the university would like to automate the entire business process from application by students for occupancy, allocation of rooms to checkout at the end of the contract period. The system should also have an inventory management subsystem that can be used to manage the halls furniture and equipment. Relocation of students and further need to be tracked as well.

In addition to the above general requirements the system should be able to produce the following information as and when needed. These further describe the requirements of the system.

  • List of Students with their ID number, country and room # accommodated during the year.
  • Number of students transferred from one location to another.
  • To keep history of key issuance to students along with the key code and tag #.
  • A list of black listed and ineligible students to be maintained, along with the reason.
  • Possibility of updating inventory files through SHS for internal movement of furniture from room to room by the Student Housing Dept. is to be explored.
  • Full history of the students from the date of his occupancy till his finally leaving the accommodation.
  • System must give us present and past record of the room with the details of the students who had occupied that room at this time.
  • System to keep Audit/Trial of all payment transaction (deposits, occupancy fees, fines etc.).