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IS 314 Database design and Management Homework 1


In order to complete this homework, draw the Diagram for the following description using ERDPlus or by hand and upload the images through Moodle.

  • Create an entity based on the following requirement:
    • For each doctor, we will keep track of a DoctorID (unique), DoctorLicense (unique, composed of LicenseNo and State), DoctorName, and DoctorYearOfMDGraduation (year of graduating from medical school).
  • Create the ER diagrams for a scenario based on these requirements:
    • A health care organization keeps track of its doctors and outpatient locations.  For each doctor it keeps track of the DoctorID (unique), DoctorName, and
    • DoctorYearOfMDGraduation (year of graduating from medical school).
    • For each outpatient location it keeps track of the OLID (unique) and OLName

Additional requirement

  • Each doctor works at exactly one outpatient location, and each outpatient location has exactly one doctor working at it.
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