International human resource management Individual Report

Choose one multinational enterprise (MNE) e.g. IBM, Apple, Google, Toyota, Honda, etc.

Note: Please do not choose Hyundai for the report as it was the case company from the previous semester.

Use a multinational enterprise (MNE) that you are familiar with as an example to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts of IHRM functions (for example, international recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and reward and compensation) to a real MNE.

The MNE can be an established one or a company that is establishing an overseas subsidiary. The MNE can be a company you have worked or are working for, or you have heard of, or that appears in publications.

This assignment is focusing on the expatriates.

You should cover the following:

  • An introduction that includes the MNE’s background about the relevant firm-specific factors and overview of what your assignment is about
  • Select two HRM functions of both the home and the host country(In this point, focusing on the countries, not company)
    • Select 1 host country of the MNC
    • international recruitment and selection: and development: 3.performance management and 4.reward and compensation. Select two
    • What is the common hrm practices in two countries? What are the different?
  • An evaluation of the current IHRM policies and practices
    • g. global HR strategy; how the MNE manage their people overseas
    • How to the company apply this 2 hrm functions to the expatriates in the home country and host country.
    • standardization or localization
    • Comparison between the company hrm strategy and national common hrm strategy
  • Your conclusion and recommendations (discussion of how the practices will need to be performed to be as effective as possible (drawn from relevant HRM literature; how the practices will need to be performed to be consistent with local cultural norms)).

It is important to use at least 15 academic references (Harvard Style of referencing) in this report. The word count is 2,000 words. Penalties will be applied if go beyond the word limit.

Example of a reference list :

The examples below are from various sections of this referencing resource. Each reference follows the format required by the type of reference used. For details on referencing formats see specific sections. You must follow the required formats.

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