Identify the potential market demand

Task 1: Identify the potential market demand for this product, using a minimum of two different techniques.

Task 2: Describe the key function(s) of the product (what it must do), in a list of short, direct statements.

Task 3: Produce a PDS (Product Design Specification) for the product (what it must do and be), containing between 15 and 20 categories.

Task 4: Briefly demonstrate that the PDS in Task 3 is in agreement with the marketing information obtained for Task 1.

Task 5: List a minimum of 6 important criteria that should be considered, with a short explanation of why

each criteria is important, in order to compare different design concepts for the product.

Task 6: Produce three different design concepts which meet the requirements of the PDS in Task 3. Show your concepts clearly, using hand-sketches plus appropriate notes.

Task 7: Using any suitable evaluation method (morphological and Pugh's matrix) and the criteria listed in Task 6, select one of the concepts in Task 6 for your final design.

Task 8: Develop your chosen concept into a final design solution, including technical drawings (by hand) and use a checklist to ensure that the design complies with the PDS in Task 3.

Task 9: Present your assignment work as a written report. The report should be neat and clear, and include: title page, index, introduction, Tasks 1-8 (in order, with appropriate headings), references used.