HYSYS Process Development and Design

  1. Section Boundary: inlet/outlet flow rates, compositions and conditions
  2. Separation process selection
  3. Selection of fluid package (property model) with justification (See Section 4.4, Towler and Sinnott, 2013)
  4. Specification of operating conditions such as column pressure (See Chapter 17, Towler and Sinnott, 2013)
  5. Shortcut and rigorous simulations
  6. Energy requirements
  7. Optimization of the process
  8. Selection between packed and tray columns, and their efficiencies (O’Connor correlation)
  9. Column diameter and height (using methods in a book and also Hysys)
  10. Column internals, configurations and dimensions
  11. Material of construction
  12. Auxiliary Equipment Sizing: Pumps, Condensers and Reboilers
  13. Process flow diagram including stream data
  14. Specification/process data sheet for the column designed in detail
  15. Alternate technologies and/or improvements in the designed process
  16. Appendix: Highlights of critical/creative ideas (max 1 page)

Section report -Process Development and Design

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