EN2208 Coursework

At the simplest level, a model of a building is simply a collection of spaces spread out over the different floors of the building. This is commonly known as the building’s “Spatial Structure”. An example of this is shown below:

EN2208 Coursework

Develop a C++ application to allow a user to specify the spatial structure of a building. Your program should allow the user to:

  • Specify the number of floors in the building. (Up to a maximum of 10).
  • Specify the number of spaces on each floor. Your program should be able to cope with a maximum of 100 spaces in the entire building.
  • For each space: specify the dimensions (width, height and depth).
  • For each space: specify the type of space (residential, office, education, toilet or storage).
  • Allow the user to save/load the designs they create.
  • Allow the user to produce a series of reports including:
    1. The total number of spaces of each type.
    2. The total floor area of spaces of each type.
    3. The volume of each space and each floor.
    4. The total volume of the building.
    5. A compliance check of the building that makes sure that no floor is bigger that any floor beneath it.
  • You can complete this coursework using only the techniques from the first set of C++ notes (part 2). However, if you wish to use the advanced techniques, this is acceptable.

You Should Submit

You should submit the following:

Submit electronically on Learning Central by 17:00 Friday 8th January 2016:

  • – Your C++ Code
  • – An evaluation report for your program that includes the following (max 4 pages):
    1. A description of how your program works including screen-shots of it working.
    2. Description of how you developed the application and justification of any decisions that you made.
    3. An evaluation of the problems you encountered and how you solved them.
    4. A discussion of any changes you would make to the program or its design in hindsight.
  • – A report (maximum 2 pages) describing to a senior manager in a construction firm why it is important that your company adopts BIM technologies.
  • Marking Scheme

This coursework is worth 60% of the module. From this 60% The following marks are available for each section:

  • Your C++ Program - 40%
  • Your evaluation report -10%
  • BIM Report - 10%.