Element 010 Research Proposal

Task: You are required to write a research proposal outlining your planned research for your dissertation.

You are required to cover the following structure:

Introduction (max 15%)

Literature Review (max 35%)

Research Design and Methodology (max 35%)

Timetable, Limitations, Conclusion, References, Ethics Form etc. (max 15% [ethics form not included])

Weighting: 100%

  1. Introduction

You have to introduce the topic and clarify the significance of what you are trying to present. In addition, in this section you have to present the:

Research aims

Research objectives

Research questions

Please, provide references. Give academic information.

  1. Literature review

This section will demonstrate your knowledge of the literature and make a critical link with the research question to be investigated. Students are expected to critically review a wide range of sources to underpin the study. The literature should mostly rely on published academic journal articles in the research area. This critical activity should produce a conceptual framework.

  1. Research Design and Methodology

This section should provide a detailed rationale of how you intend to achieve your research objectives. You are expected to address the following areas:

Type of investigation: Explain clearly whether your research can be classified as an exploratory, descriptive or hypothesis testing study. Refer to the lecture notes and textbook for details on each type.

Data collection method: Explain how you are going to collect the data (e.g. postal questionnaire, telephone interview, focus group, etc) and why this fits the purpose of your research.

Sampling method: Explain whether you plan to use a probability or non-probability sampling design and the specific sampling technique. The study participants should be able to offer the right type of information to enable you address the research problem.

Accessibility issues: what accessibility issues are you likely to encounter when you collect the data? How are you going to manage the accessibility issues?

Ethical issues: You must discuss any ethical issues that are relevant to your research topic, participants, and method. Discuss how you are going to deal with the ethical issues.

Data analysis plan: how you intend to analyse the data you will collect? This section must be consistent with the previous section on data collection method and must be mindful of the nature of the data collected, whether this is quantitative or qualitative.

Research limitations: Define the limitations of the study that you believe you may encounter and could be affect the quality, scope, or value of the research.

  1. Timetable, Limitations, Conclusion, References, Ethics Form

Provide a timetable on how you will use your available time to complete your proposed research. This will provide an indication of the viability of the proposal. You will need to justify your plan.

The reference list at this stage need not be lengthy, only sufficient to inform your proposal. The list must include all the sources that were cited and consulted in writing the research proposal. You must use the Harvard Style of referencing.

Provide an Ethics Form (please refer to the Code of Practice for Applying for Ethical Approval and have a look at Introduction to Research Ethics or here: ARU Ehtics)

Below are some of my research topic to pick from

dissertation topic

Effective technics of an industry disruptor that shifts market

The Effect of disruptive thinking in the industry

The impact of disruptive thinking in businesses

Effectiveness of industry disruptors