ECON214 monetary policy

Project Objectives

This project aims to familiarize students with:

  • How to conduct a research in monetary policy
  • How to collect and construct economic data
  • How to write a research paper and how to present the study results
  • How to work in a team
  • How to communicate effectively among team members
  • How to conduct effective presentation

Project instructions and selected topics

All projects have to be applied. This means that you need to choose a topic that is related to the monetary policy course, such as:

  1. Financial markets in developed and/or developing countries.
  2. Financial intermediaries (banks, insurance companies, mutual fund) in developed and/or developing countries and their role in promoting economic growth/investment.
  3. Central bank functions.
  4. Financial crisis in developed and/or developing countries.
  5. Money supply and its relationship with business cycle an inflation.
  6. Monetary policy in Gulf countries.
  7. Interest rates, investment, and inflation.

Then you need to apply your topic on one country or group of countries. You should use reliable sources to get your data (such as WDI, IMF, The Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, or a regional sources). You need to provide graphical representation of your data, economic analysis of the project results, and clearly construct your comments that show your understanding of monetary policy concepts.